Asthma in Kids

By Cheryl Focht, MD, FAAP

Asthma in kids is a very common problem, not only here in the city, but in the United States in general, unfortunately.

Asthma is a spectrum of diseases, from kids who only cough when they run around, when they get sick or during certain seasons, to kids who cough all the time and need to take medication every day, and kids who may need to be admitted to the hospital sometimes to get stronger medication to get their asthma under control.

At Mary's Center, we are able to offer a lot of support to our asthmatic patients. We are very lucky to have a Health Promoter who is specifically dedicated to asthma and who talks to parents to try to find out what is causing the child's cough and wheezing (triggers), how to use the medication, and how to treat the asthma better. The Health Promoter follows up with home visits. Children's Hospital also has great resources for Mary's Center asthmatic patients.

Prevention tips that can help your child:

1. Cleanse the house to remove allergens like dust mites in the carpets, pet hair and cigarette smoke.

2. Your child should take medication when the weather changes, when exercising or when they start to get sick.

3. Come to see the healthcare provider every 3 months so your child can be reevaluated (Is the medicine working? Does the child need another medication or to restart a medication they were taking before if pollen season is coming up)

4. Make sure the child gets a flu shot in the Fall season, since the flu is usually worse in people who have asthma.

I hope you found this information helpful.

I'd like to end with some good news, which is that luckily a lot of our young patients tend to outgrow their asthma as they get older!

About Dr. Focht:

Dr. Focht (pictured above) is a Board Certified pediatrician who has been a member of the Mary’s Center team since September 2000. She completed her Doctorate and Master of Public Health degrees at Hahnemann University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and her residency at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. She also completed a fellowship in Academic Community Pediatrics at Children’s National Medical Center.

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