From Our Hearts to Yours: Happy American Heart Month

At Mary’s Center, we prevent and treat heart conditions every day. In 2014, we saw 2,800 participants who were diagnosed with hypertension or heart disease, and cared for more than 5,700 individuals who were overweight or obese, which, if not addressed, will likely to lead to a heart condition.

To help treat Mary’s Center participants with an existing heart condition, or help prevent those with pre-diagnosis symptoms, like obesity, Mary’s Center offers hand’s on, empowering interventions, both on a one-to-one basis with individualized health education sessions that focus on learning about things like what is and why high blood pressure is called the silent killer, how simply decreasing portion sizes and using “the Plate Method” to eat from the spectrum of the food groups greatly influence heart health, or how a brisk daily walk for 30 minutes can be all it’s needed to keep the heart pumping strong.

Some group based interventions we offer include: The Million Hearts hypertension group care program; Cooking Matters, our nutrition classes through cooking demonstrations based on a fixed budget; Zumba, yoga classes, the weekly walking groups,  children’s Tae Kwon Do,  and more!

February is American Heart Month! Follow these tips below, provided by the American Heart Association, and you’ll be on your way to your healthiest heart yet.

  1. Choose a healthy diet: The first steps to a healthier diet are reducing your saturated fats, trans fats, and sodium intake, and increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Check out the AHA’s cooking resources and find recipes that your heart and family will love.
  2. Be physically active: Read more to learn about jumpstarting an exercise regimen and staying motivated.
  3. Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke: Smokers have a much higher risk of developing heart disease. For more tips on quitting smoking click here.
  4. Reduce stress: Some key ways to reduce your stress are getting enough sleep, getting organized, and laughing more.You’ll be amazed at the effects a nap, a clean closet, and a laugh with friends can do for your stress level.
  5. Be aware of the warning signs of heart attacks and strokes: Not everyone experiences the same warning signs. It’s never too early to learn the symptoms. Click here for information on how to recognize a heart attack or a stroke. 


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