Join Dari and Her Family. Give the Gift of Health Care!

Looking for efficient, high-quality medical care and a way to give back?

Meet Dari, who found both at Mary’s Center.

As a wife, mom of two and lawyer in Washington, DC, Dari doesn’t have a moment to waste. Like all of us, she doesn’t like sitting around at the doctor’s office when the doctor is 20 or 30 minutes late. That’s one of the reasons why she chose Mary’s Center.

“At private practices we would wait as long as an hour to be seen and, sometimes we couldn't even get an appointment when one of our kids was sick. At Mary's Center, we rarely have to wait, we always get in when our kid has a cold or the flu, and we can make an appointment 24/7.”

Dari also appreciates the quality of care at Mary’s Center, especially from her children’s pediatrician, Dr. Jessica Schroeder.

“We are Dr. Schroeder's biggest fans. She responds to emails, she always fits us in when one of our kids is sick, and she takes so much time to get to know the kids and us. She never rushes through an appointment. The children love her and are excited to see her. She shares her own experience with us as a mother of three and we look to her as a guide in our early years of parenting.”

Dari and her husband Jon were so happy with the pediatric care their kids received that they both switched over to Mary's Center for their primary care.

Mary’s Center serves patients like Dari who have insurance, as well as uninsured patients, through the Get Care to Give Care program. This innovative program is another reason why Dari and Jon love Mary’s Center.


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“It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that another mom can get care for herself and her little ones, the same high-quality care that my family gets.”

In 2016, Mary’s Center gave $5 million worth of free care to uninsured families. That was only possible through the support of patients like Dari and her family.

Join Dari, Jon and their kids in giving the gift of healthcare. Make Mary’s Center your medical home and help a neighbor get the medical, dental or behavioral care they desperately need.

Call 1-844-796-2797 today to make your medical or dental appointment or 202-420-7122 to make your behavioral health appointment with our caring and highly-qualified providers.

Thank you.


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