health care,
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health care,
education  and
social services

2015: A Snapshot

Thanks to the effort of partners and passionate supporters like you, we accomplished a great deal in 2015 and offered a better quality of life by providing a powerful combination of healthcare, social support and educational needs to the most vulnerable in our community.  

Here are the highlights:

  • Through our ever improving Social Change Model, more than 36,000 families and individuals received the medical, dental, social, and nutritional attention necessary to put them on the path toward good health, stable families and economic independence. 
  • We opened our first Sonography Clinic and now offer comprehensive services to pregnant moms. Prenatal care helps prevent serious complications and can inform women in advance about important steps to take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy.  
  • 100% of the High School seniors in our Teen Program enrolled in college for the second year, in a row! Studies show that first-generation higher education students break the generational economic cycle by embodying the realization of the concept of “equal opportunity” manifested through the ability to acquire education at any level, independent of his or her background.
  • Mary’s Center’s work was recognized by 12 national and regional awards. 
  • We began expansion plans for our newest center in DC! Opening this fall, our site will bring much needed support for our underserved neighbors in the Ward 5 neighborhood of Fort Totten. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the new center! 
  • We DOUBLED the number of students served in our School-Based Mental Health program. Early intervention can change the trajectory of a child’s life. From mild to severe, emotional problems - if left untreated—can be life-limiting or crippling.  Behavioral effects spiral, when compounded by years of the frustration of failing grades and negative feedback from family members, peers, and authority figures. As youth, and later as adults, those with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders are also more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. 
  • We launched The Legacy Society to ensure a sustainable future for Mary’s Center.  In 2015, we recognized our first two families identifying Mary’s Center as a benefactor in their will or estate plan providing a safeguard for generations to come.  

Yes, together, we made great progress in 2015 and praise for our accomplishment is well warranted. But our work is not done yet.  There are still over 7,000 families and individuals without proper support or healthcare in this region and we depend on your continued partnership. We need your help to advocate and strengthen the programs offered at Mary’s Center. Jointly, we will persist in building better futures and a stronger, prospering community for us all.  To learn more about ways to get involved contact Emily Dreckshage at


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