Individual Donors

Individual Donors

Jim Nathanson, who taught our President and CEO, Maria Gomez, when she was in high school, inspired her to do the work she does today. Mr. Nathanson and his wife Minna are long-standing friends and supporters of Mary’s Center.


The donations of $250 or more mentioned below were received between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. Thank you!

Mary’s Center has made every effort to include all of our donors and to place them in the correct philanthropic category. We sincerely apologize if an error has been made and ask that you notify us if any changes need to be made. Please do not hesitate to contact Emily Dreckshage at or at 202-420-7001.


Diane and Norman Bernstein

Betsy Karel

Matthew and Michelle Klinger

Alan and Amy Meltzer



Donald 'Skip' Bean, Jr. and Fionnuala Quinn

Wilfried Busse, PhD


Lois England

Donald E. Graham

Joseph and Lynne Horning

I. King and Linda Jordan

Richard Kowalczyk

MJ Moltenbrey

Michael Sachse and Erin Segal

Patricia Stonesifer and Michael Kinsley



Darren and Mary Pat Alcus

Jose Arvelo and Betty Paugh Ortiz

William and Ruth Bletzinger

Quiton Cooper and Ritu Kaur Cooper

William and Sally Cram

Amy E. Freeman

Fred and Wendy Goldberg

Samuel Lievano, DDS


Emanuel Pastreich and Melissa Bianchi

Susana Rios

Douglas and Gabriela Smith



Jack and Meryl Abel

Casey Aboulafia

Frank and Marie-Therese Albert

Nina M. Albert

Carolyn Alesbury

Andy Apgar

Virginia Apodaca and Justino Balderrama

Andrew and Karen Auerbach

Johanna Barraza-Cannon

James and Linda R. Beers

Joshua and Lisa Bernstein


Stephen Burant and Roxane Sismanidis

Barry and Phyllis Caldwell

Alejandra O. Ceja

Estelle Cooke-Sampson, MD

Alison E. Davis

Richard Devaney and Simone Goring Devaney

David and Karen Donald

Wallace and Joni Doolin

Samuel Elkin

Drs. Tollie and Keesha Elliott

Steve and Marie Fetter

Richard and Dr. Irma Frank

Christine E. Franklin

Margaret Freeston Hennessey

Karen Gejdenson

Nathalie Gilfoyle

Jauvon and Andrea Gilliam

Benjamin A. Gitterman

Carlos and Gail Gonzalez

Ronald J. Gordon

Richard and Nancy Gould

Daniela Gressani

John Guggenmos and Timur Loynab

Steve and Chrissy Halligan

Brett and Kristen Hitt

Christopher Hornig and Nancy Garruba

Andrew House

Michone Johnson

Hal Jones

Jon Kaniewski


The Honorable Gladys Kessler

Michael Kirshbaum

Douglas and Ashley Kollme

Hope and Eric Krutz

Nicole V. Lang, MD

Alexander Laskey and Rachel Farbiarz

Beatriz Leon

John K. Liffert

Graig Mansfield

Carlos Marroquin

Carl and Pinkie Mayfield

Molly McCarthy

Michael and Debra McCurry

Patricia Ann McGuire

Belén Mendoza

Ellen Kay Miller

Mario and Dana Morino

Laura and Elisha Muller

Elsa Newmyer

Jackson Norton

M. Lucero Ortiz

Graciela Ostera, PhD

Guadalupe and Linda Pacheco

Frances Gail Parks

Laura Pennycuff

Brandon and Nedelka Phillips

Jonathan and Dari Pogach

Drs. Mark Puryear and Michele Lloyd-Puryear

Mehdy Rad, DMD

Ana M. Raley, RN, MSN

Maxine Rapoport

Michael J. Reilly, MD

Miachel Rexrode, Maria Gomez and Amalia Gomez-Rexrode

Alice M. Rivlin

Mark Roschewski

Roberto Carlos Salas

Julia and Daniel Small

Alison Steadman

Craig Stronberg

Ray and Carole Suarez

David and Adele Tatro

Michele Teitelbaum, MD

Mónica L. Villalta

Kenneth and Andrea Weckstein

Kathy Whelpley

Robert and Evelyn Wrin

Vance Zavela and Jean Schiro-Zavela

Paul and Margot Zimmerman

Martin Zug



Sara Adland

Nicole Aga

Dr. Frederick and Eileen L. Ahearn

Mervyn Alphonso

Cynthia Jo Avazpour

Hilary Ball and Sam Heldman

Henry C. and Karin Barkhorn

George Bean

Nathaniel and Lee Beers

Cynthia Belmonte

Deborah Berkowitz

Erik Binkowski

Kesa Brevard

Yvonne B. Brown

Thomas and Rochelle Brunner

Rebecca K. Coder

Jorge Contreras and Sonia Martinez

Aaron Crist and Karen Hertzler

Steven Cummings and Gerard Heller

Guy d'Amecourt

Quin Denvir

Craig Dickinson

Sean M. Egan

Eunice Espinal

Terry and Mary Fairbanks

David Fensterheim

Phillip and Jan Fenty

Katharine W. Ferguson

Robert Filley

Nancy McElroy Folger

Thomas Frank and Carolyn Gramling

Manuel and Julia Galdo

Nikola M. Garber

Richard Gesker, DDS

Ariel and Aliza Glasner

John Gomperts and Katherine J. Klein

Lawrence Gonzalez

Errin Green

Jeffrey Green

Alan Gregerman

Elizabeth A. Griffith

Stephen J. Gross

Susan J. Hadler

Carolyn Harris

Ashley M. Harris

Roland C. Hawthorne

Marissa Haynie

Andrew T. Hollinger

Holly Idelson

Peter L. Klein and Marcia Mitnick

Dara Dannenberg La Porte and Todd La Porte

Josh Leibner

Terry and Margaret Lenzner

Amy Levin

William and Kathe McDaniels

Janet McMahon

Bruce McNamer

Jordan Meyer

Juan Miranda

John Morton

Robert Musslewhite

Charles and Janice Myles

Micheal and Helene Paquin

Mike and Yamini Piple

Lisa Poulin

Elena Reece, MD

Rhonda P. Ricks

Kevin Rogge

Veronica A Ruff

Julio Rodriguez and Dr. Patricia Salomon

Kutlu and Mary Somel

Frank and Beverly Spellman

James and Carol Springer

Zachary and Jennifer Stillerman

Elizabeth Stuart and Brian Doyle

Jack and Laura Summer

Nathan Thost

Don Tucker

Clemencia Vargas

Vivian S. Vasallo

Mallory and Diana Walker

John and Virginia Walters

James Wein

Patrick Woodall and Tracey Sutcliff

Penelope Yungblut

John V. Zottoli




Ana Alvarez

Bruce Armbruster

Jennifer Beachell

Loren Becker

Cristina Bejarano

Dr. Margarita Benitez

Mirella Berger

Angela Besse

Deborah S. Bletzinger, MD

Stacy Brustin and Jeff Gutman

Elaine Buckberg

Andrew I. Burness

Bernard Burrola

Ardell and Carol Butler

David Cade

Collin Cain

Louis and Eva Caldera

Anne M. Carpinelli, MD, MPH

William Cessato

Dwight Clark

Veronica Ordaz Collazo, PhD

Peirce Cook

Christian Cornejo, MD

Adam Cortese

Jonathan Cronin

Curt Cupid

Anthony David

Bur Davis

Portia DeFilippes

Jacqueline Denning

Margarita M. Dilone

Jackie and Christopher Doerr

Uri Dreckshage

Samuel and Barbara Dyer

Anthony and Eileen Essaye

Katherine Garrett

Robert J. Gilbert

Stephen Glover

David and Iwona Guier

Newman T. Halvorson

Michael and Deborah Harper

David C. Harrington

Clay Harris

John and Margaret Hauge

Maura Healy

Andrew Holbrook

John K. Hoskinson

Hector Huezo

Brian and Malou Huth

Elizabeth Jenkins- Joffe

Boisfeuillet and Barbara Jones

John and Zorina Keiser

Anne L. Kendall, PhD

Dara Koppelman

Lauren Laitin

Amalia Lam

Daniel and Maureen Lewis

Marsha Lillie-Blanton

Paul and Janet Lindemann

Anthony and Elizabeth Lower-Basch

Pete MacLeod

Mary MacPherson

George T. Marcou and Karen E. Barker

Anthony Martelli

Patricia Mathews

David Mazie

David D. McCurdy

Sara Melendez

Maria Teresa Meyer

Sadao Milberg and Amanda Jean Sauer

Victor and Wilhelmine Miller

Drs. Divesh S. Mistry and Thamar Petit , DMD

Josephine Morris-Young

Fitzhugh and Irene Mullan


James and Minna Nathanson

John Neffinger

Casey Nolan

Martin J. O'Hara, MD

Sandra O'Neal

Alfonso Patron, DDS

Kelley Phillips, MD

Charles and Bonnie Phipps

Gerardo Pinzon and Lyda Vanegas

Joe Pores

Elizabeth Purcell

Andres Quiñones

Kaila Ramsey

Brian and Sherry Reilly

Carl and Jennifer Ressa

Chris and Ellen Root

Kenneth Rubio

Jessica Schroeder, MD, MPH

Chuck Self

Carolyn Shawsker

Gene Smith

Ralph Smith

Collin Stewart

Devin and Lauren Talbott

Orlando Taylor

Alexander Tieman

Ana Toledo

Angel S. Torres-Cabassa

Arturo Valenzuela

Sameer Vaswani

Virginia Vitarello

Matt Vogt

Gary Walizewsky

Maureen Walsh

Alejandro Werner

Jemma Weymouth

Mary Wheeler

Carol Leslie Wolchok

Jerome and Rochelle Wujek

Margaret J. Yengo

Joan Yengo

Ruth E. Zambrana, PhD


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